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Be Extraordinary

Let’s face it, we’re busy. We’re living in a 24/7 connected world, yet it’s made us more disconnected than ever before. 54% of us say our stress levels are increasing, more than any other generation and even our doctors are struggling to cope. LearnShedLive was founded on the lofty objective of helping people and organisations feel better, emotionally and physically, by offering knowledge & practical take-aways in what is an entirely new format for this subject area; high quality, engaging videos. You can read more on our story here.

How you feel matters

There’s tons of information out there on how to get physically fit. What we want to help you with is to be emotionally fit. Fit for life. You may not realise it, but by feeling better emotionally, you’ll also feel better physically, too. It changes everything. We think that how you feel makes the difference between living and, well, just existing. And instead of trying to find out what information is out there to help and inspire you (you’ve probably found it very fragmented), or travelling miles to access it (you’re probably too busy), you’ll find it here, all in one place.

What you'll learn

From the latest modern thinking to ancient wisdom, you’ll learn from real masters. Every single one of them utterly passionate about helping you be the best you can be. Choose from topics such as managing change, developing resilience, sleeping more soundly, tools to cope with stress, breakthrough techniques and what emotional intelligence really means. We’re focusing on life techniques that no one ever taught you, ones you’ve been left to figure out the hard way. Our workshops will help you live your life to the full and operate at your best.

Wake Up! The Experience (2.5 days) (Retreat/Workshop)

Background With the demands that we have on our time and attention, it is no wonder that we find it tough to always be who we truly are. Just to survive, we have to…more


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Kamala Katbamna

Kamala is currently developing research with neuroscientists at University College London and Ashridge Business School into resilience, leadership and social intelligence. She is also a trained musici...more
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